A day at The Serai, Chikmagalur

We’ve been handling The Serai Resorts’ social media for 6 months, gradually increasing brand awareness through our online and offline efforts. Majority of the work we do happens behind a screen, so when The Serai team asked us to visit their Chikmagalur property to create content, you can only imagine how quickly we said YES. From props and cameras to board games, we packed everything we could possibly need and set out on this 250 kms road trip. Here’s what our day at The Serai looked like.

10 am

We kickstarted our day with breakfast at our private villa AKA the perfect opportunity for some great flat-lays.

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11 am

Chikmagalur is the coffee capital of India so we were happy to walk through the plantation and learn a little more about the beverage we love. We also spotted some local birds along the way which made it an even nicer experience.

12 pm

We then attended a session which took us through the journey of coffee from bean to cup.

1.30 pm

After all the walking around, we built up an appetite and were ready for the next meal. Right when we were browsing through the a-la-carte menu, the chef brought out 3 banana leaves and served us a special lunch that we dug into almost instantly.

3 pm

A food coma is a real thing, so we decided to relax by the pool for a while. We strategically used this time to respond to emails and schedule posts for the rest of our clients.

4 pm

After our little breather, the staff set up a picnic for us under the famous banyan tree. In case you’re wondering, all the food displayed was for the camera, not our bellies.

6 pm

Right after we took more shots around the resort and remarked at how good the weather was, it started pouring. We got drenched from head to toe but managed to protect our equipment, which was all that mattered. 

8 pm

We retired to our room wanting nothing more than a hot bath – and that’s exactly what we set up.  After three games of Monodeal and yummy room service, we were ready to call it a night.